Latest update

Update: April 2024

The East Wittering & Bracklesham Parish Council have submitted the skatepark to Chichester District Council for a planning application.

Update: October 2023 Parish Council Meeting

The Council AGREED to submit the application for the Skatepark to full planning to enable residents to comment on the planning portal. 

The Clerk to instruct Canvas Spaces to prepare the documentation for a full planning application.

Update: October 2023

Final design presented to the Parish Council for their consideration to send it for planning permission with Chichester District Council.

Update: September 2023

The revised in-scope design presented to the public and riders group for feedback. 

Update: June 2023

Canvas Spaces provided a revised in-scope design that was within the original tender specification.

Update: December 2022 Extra Council meeting

Council RESOLVED to go back to Canvas Spaces and request that they produce a new design within the original tender specification. 

Update: December 2022 Parish Council Meeting

CANVAS Spaces findings were presented to the Parish Council. The design was larger than was stated in the Invitation To Quote.

Update: October 2022

Additional 6th Public Meeting for the general public held at East Wittering School. 

Update: October 2022

This A5 booklet was printed and hand delivered to 100 homes that surround Downview or are near to the entrance on Stocks Lane explaining the process to date with an invitation to attend an extra (6th) meeting.

Update: June 2022

The five public meetings have been agreed. 

Please see this link:

29th June 2022 – 1st Public meeting for residents and users of Downview
30th June 2022 – 2nd Public meeting for the riders
7th September 2022 – 3rd Public Meeting for residents and users of Downview
14th September 2022 – 4th Public meeting for the user group

Update: April 2022

East Wittering and Bracklesham Parish Council appoint Canvas Spaces as their skatepark contractor.

Update: February 2022

The documents necessary to engage with skatepark contractors were approved by the East Wittering and Bracklesham Parish Council and will be issued in the next few days. 

Update: September 2021

The Wittering Skatepark group started the process of becoming a registered charity.

Update: March 2021

The East Wittering and Bracklesham Parish Council require support to write the documents that are necessary to engage with skatepark contractors. As a result the EWBPC asked The Wittering Skatepark Group to fund the provision of this service.

The Wittering Skatepark Group agreed to pay £4,000 out of the funds that raised at The Old House At Home fundraising event where we raised £11,103.70

Update: December 2020

At the December Parish Council Meeting “Council RESOLVED to ask Skatepark Projects (a third party independent charity) to assist in undertaking a feasibility study into the demand for and delivery of an updated and improved Skatepark in the Parish.”

Update: June 2019

As a result of the Parish Council elections there was a major re-shuffle on the East Wittering and Bracklesham Parish Council.

New Chairman was elected.

New Vice Chairman was elected.

Five new Parish Councillors elected.

Update: 2018

New Parish Clerk joins East Wittering and Bracklesham Parish Council.

Update: 2nd July 2017

We are currently waiting for the East Wittering and Bracklesham Parish Council to identify their preferred location for a new skate park facility in our area.

The Parish Council are not considering the Downview location as a potential option.

EWBPC appoint working party

At the PC meeting held on the 9th March 2017 a Working Party was appointed to “to look at alternative sites” with the aim to report back two months later at the May Parish Council meeting.  At the May and June Parish Council meetings the work party reported back to say that they are looking into potential locations but were not ready to make identify the locations to the public. 

View the WEBPC minutes here.
We really want to build a skate park facility that we can all be proud of. In order to do that we NEED YOUR INPUT. Please visit our facebook page and leave your comments, suggestions and ideas. They will all be used in the planning process. If you don’t have access to facebook please email or call Richard on 07793 630324 or you can visit the Wittering Surf Shop where there are more details available and Sam or any of the members of staff will be happy to talk to you.