Site selected: Downview

What sites were considered?

We have looked at many different sites in the area and they were narrowed down to three possible options.

We then had professional input from Russ Holbert from Mavricks who gave us the following comments.

Site A: Bracklesham Barn

“The available area for building a skatepark would be a thin strip down the centre of the site and a relatively inefficient use of greenspace. This leaves you with a distance of circa 60m from local housing. It is important to point out that 60m is the absolute minimum distance from housing that I would recommend at this site, I would also suggest that some acoustic measures are employed at this distance, such as grass bunding and fencing. At its widest point the potential area for the skatepark is a long way from entrance to the site and this would not be easily accessible by Police, Youth Workers and Emergency Services.

For building purposes we would be looking at circa 100m of trackway for construction purposes. The remaining space for a skatepark at this site would inevitably become quite isolated, particularly if you installed acoustic fencing. I am not a supporter of constructing skateparks in isolated areas because remote sites can encourage anti-social behavior.”

Russ Holbert


Good access from the main road ✔

Good sized carpark ✔

Large, grassed, flat area ✔

Surrounded by residential housing ✗

Site B: Down View

“Downview Recreation Ground is a large grassfield open space. Downview Recreation Ground is the site of the current skate facility and also has a informal carpark area. The site is easily accessible from the main road and is over 80m from residential housing.  The site is protected by the local bowls club and set to be the location of the newly proposed youth centre, this will further shield local resident from any noise whilst creating a safe environment for skateboarders.

It makes sense to site the new skatepark next to the newly proposed youth centre, its a combined approach to providing youth space. The site is an accepted area for recreation and there is ample space for a skate facility whilst retaining a 20m bufferzone from the football pitch.”

Russ Holbert

Good access from the main road ✔

Good sized carpark ✔

Large, grassed, flat area ✔

Not surrounded by residential housing ✔

Site C: Marine Drive Car Park

“I would not recommend this site for a skatepark due to the close proximity to residential housing.

It is highly likely that local residents would complain about noise levels and this would not be an acceptable situation for the Council.”

Russ Holbert

Good access from the main road ✔

Good sized carpark ✔

Large, grassed, flat area ✔

Surrounded by residential housing ✗

Location of the preferred site at Down View Park.

How big will the new skate park be?

Well, we are not sure yet… however we have set some limiting factors based on the following points:

  • Proximity to residential houses
  • Proximity to football pitches
  • Ability to walk round the perimeter of the park
  • Access for disabled users

This is our current best guess at the size of the skate park facility. The actual size and location will be determined once we have been through the planning stage.

What will the new skate park look like?

It is too early in the process to think about what features the skate park will have but we will be getting YOUR input and feedback so that we create a facility that we can all be prod of. We intend to:

  • Include any comments, suggestions and concerns posted on our facebook page – get on there and have your say!
  • Hold public consultations. Times and dates will be published in due course.
  • Have a comments box in the Witting Surf shop along with more information about the project.

Our vision is to create a skate park that everyone can be proud of. It will be landscaped to blend in to the surroundings and have natural features. This will have many benefits including reduction of noise travel, increased aesthetics, natural boundary between play areas without the need for a perimeter fence.

The current half pipe ramp at Down View Park.

Existing parks in the UK

We are not trying to re-invent the wheel. We are not trying to do something unusual. The implementation of modern, integrated skate parks has been done many many times before. Lots of other communities have these fantastic facilities and we want one in our area. Please see below a small selection of other similar skate parks that we would like to emulate in the Wittering area.

New Milton Skate Park

This facility is particuarly relevant to our proposed site at Down view becasue the New Milton Skate park is directly next to a bowles green, nestled in a green park and has no extra provison of car parking for the skate park.


New Milton Skate Park
War Memorial Rec Ground
Whitefield Road
New Milton
BH25 6DE


Clare Penny MA CMLI
Landscape Architect
New Forest District Council
02380 285 588

Aberdare Skate Park

A beautifully landscaped park.

Michael Sobell
The Ynys
CF44 7RP


Lisa Austin – Play Facilities Manage
Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council
01443 490 227 / 07767 898 781

Norton Skate Park

This site is perhaps larger than we a hoping to build but again it a beautifully landscaped park.


Next to the Somer Centre
Gullock Tyning
Midsomer Norton


Jeremy Dymond
Play & Parks Project oFficer
Bath & North East Somerset Council
01225 396 882

We really want to build a skate park facility that we can all be proud of. In order to do that we NEED YOUR INPUT. Please visit our facebook page and leave your comments, suggestions and ideas. They will all be used in the planning process. If you don’t have access to facebook please email or call Richard on 07793 630324 or you can visit the Wittering Surf Shop where there are more details available and Sam or any of the members of staff will be happy to talk to you.