Parish Council meeting 9th February 2017

Parish Council meeting 9th February 2017

Are you interested in what the Parish Council have to say about our skate park?


We would love to see your support at the meeting, however we are conscious that the venue is fairly small and we do not want overwhelm the Parish Council.

The purpose of this meeting is for the Parish Council to “To consider whether the Council wishes to further consider a skate park at this (Downview) location.”

As we, the Wittering Skate Park Group, see it Downview is the preferred location for the re-developed skate park as there is already a skate ramp at this location.

We would like the Parish Council to demonstrate its objections to updating the Downview skate ramp.

We have provided the Council with the information below and the supporting documents on this page:

My email to the Parish Council dated 29th November 2016 as follows

Dear Councillor

As I’m sure you will recall we met with East Wittering and Bracklesham Parish Council twice this summer to present our plans for creating a new/improved skate park facility in our area.

We felt the plans were generally well received by most councillors but questions and concerns in a few areas were raised. These were:

  • Loss and use of green space for such a facility and whether it was appropriate.
  • The need for car parking
  • Noise and anti social behaviour

Given these very legitimate concerns our community group decided to carry out more research and to use some of the monies that were raised at our very successful fund raising evening to hire professional advisers.

We have hired one of the UK’s leading planning consultancy firms to comment on policy matters relating to the use of public open space for skate parks, the policy for car parking requirements for such facilities and any information they could supply us on noise and anti social behaviour. The report is attached to this email.

We also asked 3 local councils to provide us, by way of a freedom information request, with any information relating to complaints about facilities of these types and we have been provided with reports and feedback from similar facilities that have been built, all of which I have attached to this email. These reports backed up with the anecdotal evidence all demonstrate that noise wasn’t an issue. These example locations were also far closer to residents than the locations we have proposed.

We have also developed a very informative new website which will act as presentation for local residents as well as advising them of the current status of our plans. Please view the website for more information:

In particular please view our proposal page that contains visual mockups, plans, diagrams, aerial views, aerial video and similar parks along with contact details should you wish to make your own enquiries.

As a result of all this work we are very pleased to report that all the questions and concerns raised have either been addressed or answered.

We have clearly demonstrated the support of local people / business and we have confidence that we will be able to raise the capital to build and maintain the park for 10 years. If, as a Parish Council, you feel we have not demonstrated significant local support for this facility could you please tell us how you would like us to present this support to you. We could I’m sure ask all our supporters to write to the parish council directly. (750 page likes on Facebook, 694 on-line signatures and xxx physical signatures at the Wittering Surf Shop)

We would like to formally request another meeting with the Parish Council’s to review all the additional information provided. There is a lot of information to digest and given the time effort and money we as a community group of local residents have invested so far we feel this project should be given proper consideration.

We are looking for the support of the Parish Council to redevelop the existing ramp at Down View or create a new facility at Bracklesham Barn. If, after this meeting, the Parish Council are still not able to support this project in one of the two locations proposed we would like them to qualify in writing the issues and questions they feel need to be addressed before they can support it.

Please feel free to contact me any time to discuss any of the information contained in this email.

Please can you confirm that this has been put on the agenda of the next Parish Council meeting.

We look forward to meeting you.

Kind regards

Richard Ford

07793 630324

Please find below links to all the attachments that were on the above email:

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